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Body inclusive, but for your feet.

Soleni Shoes | Creating Style and Comfort in Women's Orthopedic Shoes

Comfort that's built-in.

These legit orthopedic shoes aren't just for your grandmother anymore.

Ditch those heels, they aren't doing anything for your health.

Meet Soleni (pronounced

She is here to help with your plantar fasciitis, bunion pain, heel pain, and relieve your sore achey feet.

The heart behind the brand.

Soleni Shoes founder Lindsey Carmichael has been working as an orthopedic physician assistant for more than ten years. Over the past decade, she has watched her patients struggle to find the type of supportive shoes necessary to alleviate foot pain that didn’t also look boxy or, well, ugly.

As a mother, working professional, and former athlete, Lindsey empathised with these women. She herself needed a shoe that offered full support but was also high-quality, stylish, and fun to wear. So she got together with footwear experts based in Portland, Oregon to create and design a new kind of orthopedic shoe.

Lindsey also knew that if she was going to be in the business of making and selling a product, she wanted to keep her footprint as small as possible. From the beginning, she has been focused on developing a business with an intentional supply chain that offers premium materials, quality craftsmanship, and ethical manufacturing practices.

Soleni is headquartered in Boise, Idaho.

Did you know that a 2.5-inch high heel places an increased work load of 75% on the forefoot?

Soleni Shoes | Creating Style and Comfort in Women's Orthopedic Shoes

Many comfort brands just shove an insole into the shoe, like a ballet flat with arch support. The difference with Soleni is that much of our support is actually built into the midsole of the shoe. In fact, our heel cup is so deep that from the outside our shoe looks like a low wedge heel. (But it's not!)

The other great thing is that you can mix-n-match insoles. Have a prescription insole? No problem! No more sizing up your footwear to accommodate your preferred insole.

Soleni Shoes | Creating Style and Comfort in Women's Orthopedic Shoes
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