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Orthopedic shoes aren't just for your grandma anymore.

Did you know that one in three women suffers from chronic foot pain? WTF. In a time with brilliant innovation, technology and more...why is this still a thing?

Is it because we still have a social stigma for women to feel polished and put together on a daily basis, and the only way to feel confident and professional is by wearing a set of high heels? Maybe. Probably.

Unfortunately, we as women also have a stronger genetic predisposition to develop foot problems over time. Yes, you heard that right. If you are a woman reading this, you are more likely to develop bunions and other foot problems because of your genetic makeup and hormones. Women's feet actually flatten and widen over time. So stop squeezing your feet into those high heels everyday...because it isn't helping your overall health.

Now just to confirm - we aren't high heel haters. We just want you to know that there is now a good option to look and feel attractive, while also remaining productive and comfortable throughout the day. There will always be a time and place for high heels, it just may not be everyday.

I once had a friend tell me that she has no shame in wearing her orthopedic/athletic shoes to a standing concert...the foot pain involved in wearing anything else just wasn't worth it. I laughed, and then thought about that for a while.

Good for her.

I feel the same. Why are we still wearing these shoes that contribute to a lower quality of health and life? Look sexy, feel shitty.

I think there are three types of women in this world when it comes to choosing and buying shoes: or it's just a depiction of my aging self over the last two decades.

#1 High-heel-wearing-just-tolerate-the-mild-pain because 'no pain no gain' in fashion and everyone looks better in heels. May be true. This was me in my 20s, in college. Now, I couldn't even try to drink enough alcohol to be able to tolerate anything close to this. Pre-kids, minimal responsibility and lots of recovery time after a night out.

#2 Comfort-just-feels-better-buttttt..still suffering through a standing concert in uncomfortable shoes, but those 20s are catching up to you. Starting to get choosy about when and how you can wear your heels. With every social outing, you ask yourself, "How long? Where is it at? Can I sit down somewhere? Ugh, what's going to look good with comfortable shoes?" (And by comfortable, we generally mean the orthopedic ones.) 30-somethings entering a career, maybe have a kid or two. BUNIONS and plantar fasciitis, ugh. Maybe wearing a 1/2 size larger after kiddos because your feet "grew after pregnancy."

#3 Literally-nothing-but-comfort because 'all pain no gain' after any amount of time in high heels. You've become that mom who looks like an ostrich with a broken leg trying to stay hip by occasionally wearing those heels...but it just ain't workin' for you any longer. You've changed your daily style to "athleisure" to accommodate your comfort-wearing shoe styles because nothing matters more. But you're also into your career and are desperately looking for footwear that is both functional AND attractive.

I am #3 without a doubt. I'm probably even beyond #3. I physically cannot wear high heels, or any amount of heel anymore, for that matter. My second toes get numb, and my left knee swells (graceful aging, I guess). It's just not worth any amount of pain or recovery.

So here we are. Soleni. She is here to make your orthopedic footwear dreams come true.